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A company with long-term experience in betting advice!

Do you have the balls?

Are you brave and have the courage to take risks? Do you know the proverb well: If you don’t bet, you can’t win? Do you feel adrenaline running through your veins? Don’t stay back – you’re no wimp! Bet on us! Who are we? We’re a company with long-term experience in betting advice!

A big fuss for a little money

Why use our services? We offer you more bets even with a lower input capital. You can start at low amounts and after the taste of victory, gaining experience and feeling self-confident you can increase deposits with complete equanimity. Betting is no big deal, plus you’ll have available statistics from even minimum deposits. Have no fear – we don’t want to rip you off!

You aren’t buying a pig in a poke

Another argument to convince you is our smaller but more coordinated team of successful bookmakers. Our own experience has taken us a big step forward. We can save you time, money and nerves. We know which way the wind is blowing and even hear the grass grow. We won’t string you along, neither we want to come off badly.

A company with long-term experience in betting advice!

We keep our feet on the ground

We don’t despise the small beginnings. Whether you are an enthusiastic amateur, a student who’s looking for easy but regular earnings, an occasional bettor living for excitement or a professional making a living from betting, we offer fair terms of cooperation. Now it’s up to you to do the first step and up to us to keep risks to a minimum.

We’re going higher!

Betting with us takes you a few minutes per day. With our precisely-guided statistics which we can vouch for and you can lean on, we’ll carry you out safely and with minimal losses through its pitfalls and guiles. Our goal is to create satisfied, not homeless customers. Be one of us and become a betting community member.

T7PS career?

Do you have anything to offer? Do you have demonstrable results and sport is your biggest friend? Prove that you are a successful tipper with an excellent overview, a journalist whose purpose is to break into major sporting events in order to get the latest information. A true excited fan who is fond of attention. We offer above-average earnings and various sports benefits. Write us about yourself.
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    Eric L.
  • Andrew S.

    Andrew S.
  • Tomáš D.

    Czech Republic
    Tomáš D.
  • Jiří H.

    Czech Republic
    Jiří H.


Petr Jergon, Stichova 581/23, Prague 11, Haje, 149 00; IC: 02074079, DIC: CZ9112150047, email: info@t7ps.com, phone.: +420 608 400 853
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